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HELLO TEST DRIVER  See SyberLearning OnDemand in action by taking a Test Drive of the courses below. The first time you open a course, please review the contents of Unit 0 for an Overview of SyberLearning OnDemand and a Course Introduction. All modules are active, but with abbreviated module and lab solution recordings. Pre-Post Assessments are limited to 2 questions each. Progress reporting is limited to a sample report in test drive. Once you test drive SyberLearning OnDemand, we know you'll want more! 
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Internet Explorer Browser Users
      You will need to have Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater installed to view SyberLearning OnDemand.
      Click here if you do not have Microsoft Media Player installed on your system.

Firefox Browser Users
      You will need to have Firefox 2.0 or greater installed with the following plugin and browser extension to view SyberLearning OnDemand.
      Windows Media Plugin for Firefox 2.x is found here.
      Firefox 2.x Media Wrap Extension is found here.

Turn off any popup blockers so that your SyberLearning OnDemand windows launch appropriately.

Still having trouble? Click here for system requirements setup or FAQ for basic troubleshooting.

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